Thursday, July 1, 2010

The squishy comeback!

Hi all!!
Its been a very long time between blogs. We have been busy busy busy at the squishy house. Mr president has been away 5 days and nights out of every week with work. Giggle girl turned two and has got the attitude to match now (She got her mothers sass!) And i seem to have turned into the quintesential house wife. I have been crafting, cooking, cleaning and op shopping (thrift shopping for all the non aussies)

I'm REALLy op shop obsessed! I would love to find a way to turn this passion into a business as its something I would be very happy doing for many years (or until I feel i have to re-enter the "real" workforce)
So if you have any ideas on how to go about this or ANYTHING please let me know!

I have also started the process of quitting smoking. I'm at day 3......cold turkey.......And other than being a bit ratty at about 7pm every night im doing ok....not bad for a pack a day smoker for the last two years (I quit while I was pregnant and stupidly started again!!)

So heres a question for its been a while since I last blogged what big issues have been plauging you?? What would you like to hear anicotinecraving induced straight out rant about??

And update me with whats been going on in your world!!

Love and smiles