Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gay Marriage - Yes I'm going there!

Since the Sydney Mardi Gras theme this year was "Say something"  and although I'm almost a month behind the eight ball I'm adding my say here and now.

I support Gay Marriage! 

I believe that the traditional idea of marriage being between a man and a woman is a religious idea. The government of Australia should not make decisions based on religious belief!
I believe that two people in love should be given every opportunity to commit to on another and share that love in any type of ceremony that takes their fancy.
As far as I'm concerned sexual preference or identity does not hold any sway when it comes to committing to someone else.

SO....Once the Australian government realises that I am correct (as usual)  then I have some suggestions for ways to fill the time previously taken debating the gay marriage issue. 

-Divorce rates in heterosexual couples. (what is up with that??!)

-Banning marriage for people on their 5th or 6th trip down the aisle regardless of sexuality (greedy much!)
-Why my dog feels the need to chew the crotch out of my undies. (just mine, no one else's!)
-Passing a law against wearing tights as pants. (they are NOT PANTS!! They are to be worn under shorter dresses for modesty or at the gym ONLY!!)
-Reducing the price of chocolate and coffee. (that one explains itself)
-Giving compulsory Romance lessons to teenage boys (apparently no one on the facebook page has any romance in their lives!!! Me included!! That's shocking!)
-Tightening Boat people laws again (Yes I CAN say that, Its MY hubby's job to board the boats they enter Aussie waters in, Its dangerous! I want him to stay safe!!)
-A complete overhaul of the mental health system in Australia.
-Providing Incentives to study for stay at home mums.
-A nationwide inquest into why clothing (especially women's) are different sizes/dimensions depending on the store they are in. (Apparently I range from a size 10-16 depending where I shop. FRUSTRATING!)
-How Julia Gillard can have such shocking hair when her partner owns a chain of hairdressing salons (at the same time look at if medicare will cover her earlobe reduction surgery)

I know that there are going to be divided opinions on this topic. That's fine BUT make sure you are polite in your comments. Being Rude automatically makes you WRONG!

(And I swear to Gucci that if ANYONE defends wearing tights as pants I will report you to the fashion police IMMEDIATELY!)

Much love


Givers and recievers- Frisky Friday

I have recently started to hear tidbits of a phenomena I was unaware of until now.

There is a whole group of women that are VERY happy to receive and aren't keen on giving back at all!
(we are talking about oral sex btw....Just in case you were thinking we were talking about birthday gifts)

From the stories I have heard there are a whole manner of excuses,
"I cant breathe through my nose" (mouth breathers?)
"Its dirty" (Hygiene obsessives?)
"I have a sensitive gag reflex" (closet bulimics?)
"Nothing I cant eat goes in my mouth" (food issues?)
"I find it degrading" (new feminist?)

All of these excuses are valid BUT if you are going to receive a tongue lashing and THEN drop one of these anti-blow job bombshells then that is just not cricket!

And its not just women, I'm sure many men do it too....
(its only because of me hearing stories about women avoiding it at the moment that this blog was born)

Share your oral sex horror stories....embarrassing, awkward, just plain strange.

(Remember that you can post anonymously to avoid naming and shaming)

Hope your weekend is Fun, Frisky and Fabulous



Thursday, March 17, 2011

The grey zone

I seem to be meeting a whole lot of grey mums recently ....nope nothing to do with age or hair colour.... Its a grey attitude. ....Mums who lose all sense of self after delivering the placenta.

I'm not saying that children shouldn't be your whole world and that you shouldn't do EVERYTHING you can to.
This isn't about parenting, this is about personality.

In the last week i have spoken to two mummy friends who have no "them" anymore....they are a mother, a partner, a wife, a sister, a daughter,a friend but they do ZERO for themselves and I'm watching them slowly wilt.

How can we encourage other women to avoid the grey zone?

Much love



Ok now I am officially a bad blogger

I have been a naughty naughty blogger and I deserve to be spanked!

My last post was that I was making a blogging comeback....that was almost 9 months ago!!

So to try to catch you up on the last 9 months I'm going to fall back on one of my Loves....list time!!!

Since my last blog...
- I have started to study again, Certificate 3 in fitness.
-found out we are moving to Darwin in early may 2011.
-given up and then started smoking again about a BILLION times.
-turned 25.
-spent most of the last 9 months being a single mummy while my husband, Mr President,  floated around the ocean in a big metal Australian Navy warship.
- fallen in love with My daughter, Giggle Girl, over and over again. She is by far the most awesome person I know.
-learnt almost all of the Hairy Maclary books by heart.
- Been surrounded by all the girly wedding things that I didn't do when i got married by my friend Fi.
- Pissed many people off  with my opinions.
- Removed many awfully depressive/toxic people from my life.
- Fallen in love with all things rockabilly.
-Decided what I want as my next tattoo, now I just have to find someone to design it and find the $$ to pay for it.
- Read many, many blogs by some amazing people.
-Cleaned my house hundreds of thousands of time.
-Dropped personal hygiene standards. (blog coming eventually to explain that one)
-Discovered twitter.
-Felt guilty often about not blogging

and probably a heap of other things that aren't coming to mind right now.

what have you alldoing with yourselves? Give me your list!

loves ya!