Sunday, May 16, 2010

Flea Market Finds!

This is my first time joining in with Flea market Finds on Her Libary Adventures 

Yesterday I headed off to After-a-fashion at west pennant hills, I picked up my winter wardrobe for this year. None of it very exciting but ultra cheap and fantastic condition.

One of the things i got was this green cardie....never been worn for $5.

(im thinking about changing the buttons)

Today I went off child free to the North Rocks flea market.

I picked up a few goodies some clothes and such.... two shirts for me and a pair of pants for the giggle girl

But the BIG find for the weekend was these shoes....

Perfect fit patent leather Chanel heels!


(they look like scratches but its just where the flash hit the shiny leather)

They need a new sole as it has worn and become slippery but a baragin none the less!
I dont know if they are vintage or not....if anyone has any details please let me know :)

Love and Smiles


mylittlebirdie said...

what fabulous shoes! $5!!!! and child free shopping you lucky lady, what a wonderful day! ; )

Me said...

congrats on the shoes!!! i love it when you find these little treasures... people don't realise what they a throwing out sometimes!!! let us know if you find out any more details of the shoes

jade holi said...

how incredibly dee-vine!!!! oh i do hope you get lots of wear from them you lucky thing xo

averagemother said...

Love them! Makes me want to go out and explore the op shops! But i know there wont be much to find!! xox

Anonymous said...

Love those shoes! What a great find!!

Kathleen said...

Oooh, what wonderful treasures! Nice work :)