Thursday, April 29, 2010

Frisky Friday- It's all about control

I have been speaking to a friend recently who said her husband is always harassing her for sex at the most inconvenient a mum of 3 she's not able to just "get in the mood" like a light switch is being flicked on.
Weeks ago i suggested that she encourage him to flirt with her more, many add in some cheeky bum pinching here and there, to make her feel more wanted.....lets just say he failed.....some men just can squeeze a bum and then walk she does have a rather cute backside!

So this blog is for her....and for everyone else who is sick of the men (or women) in your life holding the sex reigns. You are NOW in charge. This is your assignment...I'm all alone for the next few weeks so I'm not getting any lovin' so I'm going to live vicariously through your experiences.

This is my suggestion... But you can take control how ever you in mental emotional or physical...meow!

Step 1- Invent a character
A trick I learnt while working in strip club by creating a detailed character with a new name, new attitude and new confidence helps you to focus on what you are doing and limits that self consciousness that many women face when presented with new sexual ideas and challenges.
Maybe have him/her call you Mistress and Mistress only?

Step 2- outfitting- Pick your outfit
Choose something that you LOVE but may not always game enough to wear.
Remember your character, what would they wear? make up? hair? shoes? lingerie?
Hair, try a wig if you want a big change, you can get them from eBay for less than $30 for a good quality wig.
Make up, go for something different, red lippy, smokey eyes, scarlet nails and toenails, go all out....the getting ready process is all about you. If you aren't confident with applying your makeup in the style you want have a look on YouTube, there are some fantastic video tutorials for all different styles of makeup.
Shoes, high heels are a girls best friend when it comes to looking sexy. Just remember if you don't wear high shoes very often make sure that practice walking in the on the surface that you will most likely be seducing on. even practice walking in front of a mirror if you can to make sure you aren't walking like a truck driver.
Outfits, pick something that flatters the bits you like, loving your boobs but not your tummy and bum? a corset dress, love your boobs and bum but not your tummy? go topless with a under bust corset and a string of pearls.....try something different maybe? latex? nipple pasties? whatever floats your boat.
Have a look at the brand new facebook page of Ashanti Corsets (they are taking pre launch orders for Aussie customers but only until the 7th of May, VERY reasonable prices for beautiful things)

Step 3- props
Do you need any props to take control? Riding crop? handcuffs? silk scarves? or even the humble wooden spoon?
Make sure you get organised in advance, the last thing you need is to be hunting around trying to find things when you are all dressed up and in the right head space, BIG MOOD KILLER!

Step 4- putting it all in action
Have a plan. are you going to tie him to a chair, make him sit on the floor while you explain your rules, blindfold him if it makes you feel more comfortable. Remember this is about control.YOU are in charge. Do what YOU want (within reason!) Ask for what you want for once. Dont be afraid to ask him to go down on you if thats what you enjoy and it doesnt happen as often as you would like it to.

Step 5- bask in the serotonin and the POWER! lol

Step 6- tell me all about

Have a ball

Love and smiles


Living Altogether said...

LMAO I love it!

averagemother said...

It's wonderful and just what the doctor ordered!!