Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm not racist.....BUT......

I'm not a racist....BUT... {insert racist comment here}

How many times have you heard this? Its as if the "I'm not a racist" part negates the racist comment that follows it.

So here's my two cents worth...

I'm not a racist....BUT.....I am a stereotypist.....and not at all ashamed of it.

Let me explain

I don't care if you are black, white, Asian or purple with pink spots and 80 non-blinking eyes.
I don't care if you are rich or poor, old or young, fat or thin, single or married, gay, straight or transgender
If you are nice to me and treat me with respect i will treat you the same way.


I cant stand when people perpetuate negative stereotypes on purpose or use their race or situation as an excuse.

Some examples....

  • The single mothers who DO get pregnant to many different fathers just for welfare payments (sad but true)

  • Young mother who do stupid things with their children and then blame their age for not knowing any better.

  • Aboriginals who are drunk all the time and on the dole.

  • Asians who CANT drive to save themselves

  • Muslim men who do treat women like dirt

  • People who use their ethnicity as an excuse to play dumb.....I know a girl who was Korean and spoke perfect English but would pretend she couldn't if she didn't feel like talking to someone (actually that's kinda clever....may try that one day)

  • Italian or Middle eastern hoons who for some reason think its part of their heritage to drive like a moron.

  • Aussie bogans who expect everyone else to support their lazy lifestyles while they blame the fact that their mothers put their nappies on backwards when they were babies as a reason why they cant work for a living.

  • Stay at home mums that DO sit at home all day watching TV and bringing up TV addicted children
These people are a minority.

the reality is

  • Most single mothers weren't planing on doing it alone and circumstances have changed that plan, so they are doing the best they can

  • Most young mothers ROCK and make smart decisions to provide their children with the best lifestyle they can provide.

  • Aboriginal people who are well educated and making huge differences in not only the Indigenous communities but Australia as a whole.

  • Most people in Sydney cant drive to save themselves, no matter what their race.....I also have found Camry drives to be the worst of all!!

  • The Koran says to respect your mother before it says to respect your father. Men of all races and religions treat women like dirt. The fact that some Muslim women choose to cover their heads and bodies makes people assume that their husbands forced them into in when they made the choice themselves.

  • Car hoons all suck.....race doesn't come into it.
  • People who come from poorer areas with less than idyllic upbringings go on to do amazing things and work really hard to get there

  • ANY mum who puts their kids first is awesome (working or stay at home)
So what I'm getting at with all this rambling is that it doesn't matter what circumstances cause someone to cross paths with me, I try to take everyone on as individuals. Not because of what colour their skin is.

I hate people equally :) (lol I'm kidding)

P.s I do however judge men by their choice of footwear.... its a throw back to when I was single :)

 Good to be back

Love and Smiles



crazymumof4 said...

I often get the, Single mum with four kids bludging, all her kids must be by different fathers, stereo type judgments, when in actual fact i was married for nearly 8 yrs together for nearly 10yrs, just trying to find my feet..It does not help i was also a young mum who's 10 yr old daughter looks 12 whilst i look bout 22,,,lol,,But the way i see it is ppl can judge me all they like.
Great post!

Sarah said...

Im glad your back! It was a great read! The stereo type i cant stand is all man's dont mature to they are in there late 20's! It's bullshit it's a choice we make not out age.

averagemother said...

I like to think im not racist, but i know i get very upset about Australian Jobs going to those who are coming from over sea's SO i think im a little picking about race.