Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm an attachment parenting failure!

Today is giggle girls first day at family day care..... she starts at nine and ends at four......7 hours without my baby girl.
And I'm ashamed to admit I'm a little bit excited.....and a whole lot of guilty!

I always said i wouldn't have someone else raising my child.....i know shes only going one day a week....shes hardly being raised by someone else but you all know how a mummy brain works sometimes.
But at the moment I'm a semi single mummy as Mr president is at sea, I have no family to help out and no nearby friends.....mummy just needed a break.

My plan is to get ALL the housework its not like I'm having a wild old time without giggle girl....I am being practical...

So what makes your mother guilt flare up? what makes you feel terrible even though you know you are doing your very best??

I will check back later and see what you all said.....this house wont clean itself!

Love and smiles


Clarinda said...

I went and got maccas for the kids the other night, I had a rough day with the kids (3 boys) and was tired and cranky from patient all day. and BOY O BOY did I feel guilty afterwards. I should just have made sandwiches. lol

Little Snuggle Monkey said...

Lately its kindy 2 times a week I feel hell guilty sending him knowing that it does not take 2 full 5+ hour days to clean our tiny house, but at the same time, he needs it, and he loves it, and I need it too.

Kate said...

I feel guilty about not breastfeeding. My daughter would never latch on correctly or stay latched. I consulted so many LC's and none of them could find an answer. So, I've been pumping exclusively for her since birth. No formula for her, but still it's not all the benefits of "straight from the tap". I know it's the best I can offer, but I still get pangs of guilt.

P.S. It's good for you to have a day here and there to yourself! Don't feel guilty for that. Mama needs to be her own person at times too! :)

Woman Uncensored said...

One day at daycare under your circumstances does not an AP failure make :-)

Confessions of a Girl said...

Don't feel guilty. for now you're doing it all alone, and you need some time when she's not there to get things done. I think my mother guilt flares u when i'm out having fun without the kids....although that hasn't happened in quite a long time because i rarely ever get out without the children, let alone to do something fun. I think what makes me feel like crap when i know i'm doing my best is when other people make comments. then i just have to step back and realize that they are just making comments and that is it. They are not me. and i just try to reapproach the situation again with a different outlook.