Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gay Marriage - Yes I'm going there!

Since the Sydney Mardi Gras theme this year was "Say something"  and although I'm almost a month behind the eight ball I'm adding my say here and now.

I support Gay Marriage! 

I believe that the traditional idea of marriage being between a man and a woman is a religious idea. The government of Australia should not make decisions based on religious belief!
I believe that two people in love should be given every opportunity to commit to on another and share that love in any type of ceremony that takes their fancy.
As far as I'm concerned sexual preference or identity does not hold any sway when it comes to committing to someone else.

SO....Once the Australian government realises that I am correct (as usual)  then I have some suggestions for ways to fill the time previously taken debating the gay marriage issue. 

-Divorce rates in heterosexual couples. (what is up with that??!)

-Banning marriage for people on their 5th or 6th trip down the aisle regardless of sexuality (greedy much!)
-Why my dog feels the need to chew the crotch out of my undies. (just mine, no one else's!)
-Passing a law against wearing tights as pants. (they are NOT PANTS!! They are to be worn under shorter dresses for modesty or at the gym ONLY!!)
-Reducing the price of chocolate and coffee. (that one explains itself)
-Giving compulsory Romance lessons to teenage boys (apparently no one on the facebook page has any romance in their lives!!! Me included!! That's shocking!)
-Tightening Boat people laws again (Yes I CAN say that, Its MY hubby's job to board the boats they enter Aussie waters in, Its dangerous! I want him to stay safe!!)
-A complete overhaul of the mental health system in Australia.
-Providing Incentives to study for stay at home mums.
-A nationwide inquest into why clothing (especially women's) are different sizes/dimensions depending on the store they are in. (Apparently I range from a size 10-16 depending where I shop. FRUSTRATING!)
-How Julia Gillard can have such shocking hair when her partner owns a chain of hairdressing salons (at the same time look at if medicare will cover her earlobe reduction surgery)

I know that there are going to be divided opinions on this topic. That's fine BUT make sure you are polite in your comments. Being Rude automatically makes you WRONG!

(And I swear to Gucci that if ANYONE defends wearing tights as pants I will report you to the fashion police IMMEDIATELY!)

Much love



Rachel's Photography said...

way to go your post is just how i feel as well.


Anonymous said...

Agree, agree and agree. Except on the refugee bit. I am grateful for the job your husband and his colleagues do, but if our country put the same money as they spend on the bottomless pit of border protection into meeting our UN commitments on the number of refugees we take in every year and processed them quickly and humanely in either their country of origin or known staging areas for people smugglers like Indonesia then assimilated them into the wider community (since most "boat people" prove to be legitimate refugees when they eventually are processed) with adequate health, education and employment support then the boats would slow down significantly, if not stop altogether. But there isn't much political fearmongering mileage in that. *breath in*
Right, back to gay marriage. My hetero partner of ten years and I have no desire to get married, we have so many divorced friends we are convinced it would jinx us. BUt I bet we would fight like the blazes to get married if we were told we weren't allowed to.

Cas said...

lmfao, totally agree with all of it, specially the no tights and cheaper chocolate.... mb u should enter politics :)

Crissi said...

Laughed so hard at the end there and yes you are right who cares what sexuality you are if you are totally 100 percent for your loved one then marriage should be open to you too!

Anonymous said...

Agree completely.
Given that we are supposed to be a "multicultural" society here in Australia, I don't see why our laws are still based solely on Christian beliefs. I think our laws should be based on moral and decency rather than religion so EVERYONE, regardless of age, sex, race, sexual orientation, etc. gets the fair go they deserve, like our anti discrimination stipulate.

Anonymous said...

i agree with the what was written about gay marriage... but you totally lost the respect given to you when i continued to read and it became very childish.
The personal attacks on JG... come on her hair and her ear lobes... she is a person too!

Anonymous said...

LMFAO Love it all!! :-)

Karen Thom said...

I TOTALLY agree with your comments on Gay marriage.
Marriage is simply a union of 2 people who commit to one another.
And heck the straight people have it so messed up anyhow why would allowing gay people to marry make the divorce rate any higher- that is apart from the drama that they can whip up in a tea cup we may see divorce rates rise and re-marry rates too. LOL

But I noticed towards the end of your blog when you were saying to leave a comment that we should be polite and not rude - Well your comments about Julia Gillard were personal and RUDE. Beauty is not just skin deep..she may not be my favorite person but it is not for me or you for that matter to pick out a physicality and make fun of it.
As for boat people, I understand it may be an unsafe job for your hubby but he could always get another job, I think that the people on these boats (the majority) are fleeing a country that is unsafe. They need our help for safetys sake, but perhaps once they are here the laws could be toughened as to what is expected in this country and get them settled and into the workforce and society as quickly and as smoothly as possible so our country may grow from the experience as much as they can flourish from their new found freedom and normality.

Squishy Bum Mum said...
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Squishy Bum Mum said...

I should add at this point, Im not against asylum seekers coming into Australia but I do believe that that government need to come up with a better policies of bringing genuine asylum cases into Australia rather than dealing with them (kinda, the process is very flawed) once they arrive buy leaky boat. I also realise that most illegal immigrants enter australia on tourist visas and then over-stay/never leave. And many of these are from western countries.

As for the Julia Guilard comments, I dont retract them at all. At least im not refering to her as "barren" or a "god hating atheist" as many media outlets have over the past couple of years. At least I'm just being a superficial bitch rather than having a dig at how people choose to live their life, Which as long as no one is getting hurt go nuts!

(btw how can someone even be a "god hating atheist" if you are an atheist you dont belive there is a god or higher being of any sort, so how can you hate them??)

Anonymous said...

You know what, amen to your comment on assylum seekers!!!! Perhaps you should share the stories of what REALLY happens when your husband and his mates try and board the vessels. They don't want to be boarded, they want a free ride in and when they are caught, well I think you and OI both have heard the REAL stories of what these people will do to prevent being boarded and it certtainly doesn't involve 'protecting' their children. I'm so fed up of the media portraying these people as helpless and just wanting a fresh start. If they trully wanted a fresh start they would flee to the CLOSEST politically stable country, not ours. It's a bloody joke.

Toushka Lee said...

obviously I agree with you.. since you alerted me to this post on my post here

I also agree with you about tights as pants. I believe if I videod people from behind and then showed them the video of their arse in tights, they would stop wearing them. But I am just one person fighting a big fight.

I agree with lots of things on that list - but not boat people.... although it's not black and white so I'm not touching that one yet.

And thanks for following my blog - you clearly have awesome taste.

Anonymous said...

I totally disagree about the Gay Marriage. Not wanting to be rude or anything, as you requested, just want it to be known that not everyone shares the same view. I don't agree that religion is to blame (typical scapegoat), and I really don't see the big deal. How does this change anything? Let's fix society's REAL problems. People are dying in Lybia, Japan, Christchurch, and we're talking about gay people having the right to get married. *Please*.

I totally agree about the coffee and chocolate thing, though :)