Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ok now I am officially a bad blogger

I have been a naughty naughty blogger and I deserve to be spanked!

My last post was that I was making a blogging comeback....that was almost 9 months ago!!

So to try to catch you up on the last 9 months I'm going to fall back on one of my Loves....list time!!!

Since my last blog...
- I have started to study again, Certificate 3 in fitness.
-found out we are moving to Darwin in early may 2011.
-given up and then started smoking again about a BILLION times.
-turned 25.
-spent most of the last 9 months being a single mummy while my husband, Mr President,  floated around the ocean in a big metal Australian Navy warship.
- fallen in love with My daughter, Giggle Girl, over and over again. She is by far the most awesome person I know.
-learnt almost all of the Hairy Maclary books by heart.
- Been surrounded by all the girly wedding things that I didn't do when i got married by my friend Fi.
- Pissed many people off  with my opinions.
- Removed many awfully depressive/toxic people from my life.
- Fallen in love with all things rockabilly.
-Decided what I want as my next tattoo, now I just have to find someone to design it and find the $$ to pay for it.
- Read many, many blogs by some amazing people.
-Cleaned my house hundreds of thousands of time.
-Dropped personal hygiene standards. (blog coming eventually to explain that one)
-Discovered twitter.
-Felt guilty often about not blogging

and probably a heap of other things that aren't coming to mind right now.

what have you alldoing with yourselves? Give me your list!

loves ya!


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Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

Yay! Welcome back, Squishy! You have been missed! But after reading your list, I see you have been very, very busy. I especially like how you've fallen in love with things several times over.

Boo for ciggies! I know it's hard, though.

Let's see, 9 month highlight list?
-had another glorious homebirth to a now 8mo boy.
-quit blogging under a pen name & gave birth to my own blog (see what happens when I've been left without enough blogs to read?)
-got ppd & am working through it
-finally figured out my next tattoo & need to find a new artist
-discovered raw foods (notice I didn't say, fell in love with, I'm trying it on)
-et cetera (I need to save some to write about, right?)