Thursday, March 17, 2011

The grey zone

I seem to be meeting a whole lot of grey mums recently ....nope nothing to do with age or hair colour.... Its a grey attitude. ....Mums who lose all sense of self after delivering the placenta.

I'm not saying that children shouldn't be your whole world and that you shouldn't do EVERYTHING you can to.
This isn't about parenting, this is about personality.

In the last week i have spoken to two mummy friends who have no "them" anymore....they are a mother, a partner, a wife, a sister, a daughter,a friend but they do ZERO for themselves and I'm watching them slowly wilt.

How can we encourage other women to avoid the grey zone?

Much love




Zoie @ TouchstoneZ said...

I think some of the issues are our role models and the lack of "village" that it takes to do it. I mean, how much emphasis is given to self-care in most of the gentle parenting guides. Not enough and the other extreme seems too self-indulgent to be a connected mom. I'm not judging what one parent needs for self-care. Only they can decide that, but there's got to be a balance. And there's got to be a support system around us moms, friends, family, hire-help, whatever, to help us achieve that balance. It's not all black and white, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I have lost myself over the years. Not so much from having children though that is part of it, also because of my relationship.
I have made this year the year to get back to the old me. The one who dresses who I like to dress, dances and sings around the house, actually goes out.
I've been feeling better about my world since I started doing this and I recommend ALl us mum's do it.