Saturday, March 19, 2011

Givers and recievers- Frisky Friday

I have recently started to hear tidbits of a phenomena I was unaware of until now.

There is a whole group of women that are VERY happy to receive and aren't keen on giving back at all!
(we are talking about oral sex btw....Just in case you were thinking we were talking about birthday gifts)

From the stories I have heard there are a whole manner of excuses,
"I cant breathe through my nose" (mouth breathers?)
"Its dirty" (Hygiene obsessives?)
"I have a sensitive gag reflex" (closet bulimics?)
"Nothing I cant eat goes in my mouth" (food issues?)
"I find it degrading" (new feminist?)

All of these excuses are valid BUT if you are going to receive a tongue lashing and THEN drop one of these anti-blow job bombshells then that is just not cricket!

And its not just women, I'm sure many men do it too....
(its only because of me hearing stories about women avoiding it at the moment that this blog was born)

Share your oral sex horror stories....embarrassing, awkward, just plain strange.

(Remember that you can post anonymously to avoid naming and shaming)

Hope your weekend is Fun, Frisky and Fabulous




ButterflyMagick said...

Fantastic post :)

I have always been an oddity among my female friends as I love giving blow-jobs :) ... since my last pregnancy though my libido is almost non-existant but i still enjoy a good blow job ...

lots of stories but not sure about sharing them here lol

Anonymous said...

My excuse is I'm not good at giving head. I will do it sometimes but my face aches too much for me to finish.

Oddly since having my last baby I cannot stand my partner going down on me.