Monday, March 1, 2010

Birthin'- bitchin'- and babies..... Mums groups gone mad!

Before having giggle girl I didn't have very many female friends. I found blokes easier to hang out with. They didn't have as many dramas (usually....there are expections to every rule!) But when I became a mum I found that I wanted to be around "like" people, other mums, who understood what my life now involved, who had the same parenting values as I did. I thought it would be easy. I was a "normal" mum.
How wrong was I!
Don't get me wrong. I have some wonderful mummy friends, but I had to sort the wheat from the charfe to find them.
The amount of bitching and backstabbing that goes on in some mums groups would only compare to what goes on in some reality television shows. Just with less cameras, most of the time.
I have made a list of the bad mums in mums groups. If I have forgotten any please add them as a comment below.

1- The label diva mum
The mum that will only dress her child in the latest designer duds, only drive the best car, has a pram worth more than my month of rent.
Personally I am proud of how little I can pay for things. I love op shops and being a tight arse when I comes to clothes and kids accessories.

2- The competive mum
This mum will try to out do anyone. If you happily announce your child took their first step she will say hers took two. Your bubba says their first word theirs is reciting nineteeth century poetry from memory.
These mums can't let you be happy and satisfied with your childs milestones. They have to do better.
This mum may not just be competive with things relating to their kids. Their husbands or partners will ALWAYS be better than yours (even if it's all a lie....see also liar mum)

3- Drama queen mum
This mum is always having problems, about everything! I know every one has their ups and downs but this mum takes it to a whole new level.

4- Liar mum
With this mum you can never tell if what is coming out of her mouth is fact or fiction. They don't always lie to be awful but sometimes it jet happens. Wether they are lying about it raining outside or if they had really said something Nast about someone, don't trust this mum as far as you can kick them.

5- The pot stirring mum (aka the bitchy mum)
This mum will go out of her way to create trouble. They will lie, backstab and bitch just to get a rise out of people. (they may also be a drama queen mum) Avoid at all costs!!

6- Lazy mum
These are the mums who put their kids into childcare full time even though they aren't working or studying. They will also try to manipulate nice mums into looking after their children regularly for no pay or thanks.

7- The always right mum
It's my way or the highway with this mum. They will pooh pooh everything that you do that is different too them. If you breast feed and they will formula feed you will be inundated with her reasons why what she's doing is best. Don't try and stand up for yourself. She will not let you win. Far too much effort to deal with!

So what are your experiences with mums groups?
Share your horror stories as a comment.

Love and Smiles


Sarah said...

I dont think i fit under any catagory!! :) Iv got a few but the one that stands out the most for me is a women who thought my boy was naughty gezz she should see hime now!! his a bloody nightmare!! lol

Loving the posts keep them coming!!

nat said...

LOL this is so true!
I'm the "weird" mum. The mum who does everything her way and nobody can quite understand why? LOL
Might have been a little bit drama queen mum in the past but with good reason my life was CRAYZY!