Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Pandsi FAIL!!

I had a horrible experience with pandsi (postnatal depression support service in ACT)

Although I was never specifically diagnosed with postnatal depression, I have suffered general depression for many years.
This was my first time EVER reaching out and asking for help and support. I didn't ask for therapy or anything that would take up their resources, I didn't think myself bad enough or worthy, all I wanted was to involved in their pram walking group to meet other mums who understood what it was like to have down days.

I called them up and explained my history but as soon as I mentioned that I had a history of self harm (although at that stage I hadn't harmed myself in over a year) I was told that I was a suicide risk and they couldn't deal with me. They then told me to call the ACT mental help crisis line (yes I know, a little dramatic)
I did call the crisis line, even though I wasn't in crisis, and the operator on the other end was lovely. She was appalled that I was turned away from a service that was designed to connect mums in the same situation.

I later found out that another friend of mine, who also self harms, was welcomed with open arms by pandsi. Even though she has been self harming a lot more recently than I had been.

I was appalled by their lack of compassion and was more annoyed when they continued to call me every two weeks to "check up on me" until I told them (politely I must add) that they were bloody useless and were they just calling to see if I was dead yet. (i had found a counseling service though the women's health they were wonderful!)

Am I the only one who has had this sort of experience??

Love and Smiles


Woman Uncensored said...

Wow that's really sad :-( I'm sorry girl! I've never heard of that kind of group, but it seems really ridiculous that they would turn you away under the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

I too had an issue with the same service. I had been diagnosed with PND. I moved to the ACT and wanted to find a doctor who knew something about PND and the medication I was on. I rang them and left several messages explaining my situation and asking for any recommendations. I never got a call back.
I ended up ringing Sexual Health and Family Planning who said they didn't deal with PND. But the receptionsist took the time to Google and ask her colleagues.
I know mental health services are completely under-funded, but to not even return a call when for all they knew I was in crisis is just not good enough.

Squishybum mum said...

I'm actually considering emailing this blog as well as a link to pandsi. (after I edit it a bit and add some more to it (for some reason it won't let me do that from my phone.)
Also from memory it took mw almost a week of trying to get through to a REAL person too, rather than just getting the machine and getting no response.
I ended up getting in touch with womens health in civic (Canberra central) and they were wonderful. Can't rate them highly enough!

crazymumof4 said...

i have been having the same issues with my local women s center,i am new to the area have pnd,an need legal aid and counciling for my kids,,i have left 2 messages,even went their(there was a women inside who didn't even open the door)yet have gotten no where. i thing a lot needs to be done in these situations as already there r now 3 ppl in this small circle of ppl saying they have had problems getting help.

Anonymous said...

i have never had PND and can't even begin to imagine what you girls go thru. i'm sorry that our country has let you down while you are taking on the most important job in the world...

Great idea to email them your might make them realise what they are doing...

Sarah said...

I have suffered with PND nearly three years in October. It is a very hard condition but with the right support you can get though it.

I would just like to say Pansi calls me everyday since i was diagnosed again with PND after my daughter was 3 weeks old i got very sick with mastitis. pansi for me have been a wonderful support and has helped me get though my day alot easier! I found them so caring and non judgement.

Im glad that i could share my experience of pansi with you all. I think it would be a great idea to email them this blog so they can recieve this feedback and maybe improve on some skills they may be lacking.

Im all for pansi and i would recommned them to a mother just like myself. Im truly sorry for the women that have not had the same experience as myself.