Monday, March 1, 2010

Money money money!!!

I wish money grew on trees! Because OMG we need it in our house right now! We have only recently moved to Sydney from a smaller city and before we moved we were doing so well with managing our cash flow. We were saving over a third of our income (Which isn't a huge sum to begin with) Before Christmas we had a few thousand dollars in savings. Now we are using small change to buy nappies for giggle girl (yes I know, I wish I had have known about mcn much much earlier!) Some how over Christmas and the holidays our savings disappeared!

Our big problem at the moment is that giggle girls daddy (he has requested to called Mr President in my blogs, hmmmm.....I'm still debating that one) is working six very long days a week and if he's on duty he will work 36 hours straight with only two hours sleep. So when he has a day at home I want to make it exciting. Living in a new city there is so much to see and do, the problem is how much it all costs!!
I know that giggle girl doesn't care what we do, she's happy with a walk to the park to play on the swings, it's more making things fun for him. He misses out on so much during the week, at the moment he leaves before she wakes up and is lucky if he sees her for 5 minutes before she's off to bed.

I know that I have to reign in our spending. Sydney is a very expensive city to live in compared to where we were previously.
I signed up to the natural parenting newsletter and was sent an e-book of free (or very cheap) kids activities. So this weekend I think that we will be making a few batches of playdough and making lots of cool things out of it. As well as a walk to the park for some swing time.

I posted a status update asking for budgeting ideas and got some awesome responses. (thanks peoples!!)
So Thursday is pay day, I think I will start getting organised now. Write out a menu plan. Pay all the bills (not many this fortnight thank goodness!) And see if we can get back on track with saving.

If you have any more tips or ticks to save money or ideas on how to have a fun weekend for daddy and giggle girl without a huge cost let me know.

Love and Smiles

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