Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Blogs of note!

I asked all the fans of squishybum mum on facebook to add the details of their blog to a discussion thread.
Gotta share the love!

so here are some blogs of note...feel free to add yours as a comment
(wholistic parenting, mental health issues)

Random eclectic blog- the musings of a mum

 its mostly about raising my munchkins, cloth diapers, babywearing etc 
 Attachment and natural parenting, non vaxing, recipes, crafts, home safety, a little bit of everything!

 The trials and tribulations of a single "accidental" mommy - both of my babes were conceived on hormonal birth control....Rants and raves humor, recipes, reviews... really it's a little of everything

Im also adding a random one that i came idea about who writes it but it made me giggle
Its like the Aussie version of sex and the city...with less

Hope you enjoy  having a read though these as much as I did!
Love and Smiles

1 comment:

Catrina said...

*pretends to cry* I feel left out :P
I love ur blog just wanted you to know:)
*clicks her fingers;)* and awayyyy we go:)