Friday, March 5, 2010

Frisky Friday- feeling flat?

* Yes I know....Yet another list....I LOVE lists!

Every relationship has peaks and troughs, sometimes these are caused buy natural hormonal changes other times sleep deprivation (the joys of being a parent) sometimes its just not a priority to one or both parties. One very common reason is because of self confidence.
Almost every woman goes through a stage where they don't feel particularly confident, be it after baby, after weight loss or gain, surgery, scaring or just as gravity taking its toll on your body.

Just because you aren't loving YOU at the moment doesn't mean your partner feels the same about you. So to get your frisky on and start to feel better about yourself here are some tricks and tips.

  • Candles- every one looks stunning in candle light and there is something about the flickering light that candles produce that makes you think of romance and puts you in the loving mood.(I am going to do a review of a Aussie soy candle maker's candles in the coming weeks)
  • Blindfold him- rather than trying to keep your body contorted in uncomfortable positions that you think hide the bits you don't like. blindfold him.....losing the sense of sight enhances all the other senses. (or even better get him to blindfold you and get  him to tease you silly.
  • Flirt- a naughty grope and fondle in the kitchen when the kids aren't looking adds suspense to what is coming later.(or who is coming later...) My favorite trick is to "accidentally" back on to his groin while hes doing something mundane....(he forgets what hes doing sometimes and gets all confused
  • Make a game out of it- if you are too afraid to ask for something specific write down all your ideas and get your partner to draw on out of a hat, one a day, one every second decide the frequency....when you have done all the ideas get him to put his ideas in the can set up ground rules about things you are definitely sure you don't want to do.
  • Hold out- do EVERYTHING except  have sex. Foreplay is often rushed and just seen as an entree to the main course....have a tapas night (sexplay wise) Make a multitude of appetizers the main meal for the night.
  • Kiss- There is nothing wrong (in my opinion) in kids seeing there parents sharing a long slow passionate kiss. It shows that affection is ok between couples. (just remember if the kids are there don't get too carried away) Remember what it was like to be a teenager ad JUST pashing and nothing you get older kissing falls on the back-burner and we forget how fun it can be just to tongue wrestle.

These are just some of many many ideas you can try.....if you have a tip to spice up your sex life please add it as a comment....the more ideas the better as something that works for one person may not work for the next.

Get Frisky!
Love and Smiles



    Anonymous said...

    Love it I am very comfortable with my size 18 nothing more I can do but stay healthy and fit well as much as I want to! I love sex love the way my husband makes sure I am right before he goes and love loving him. Great blog once again and I love candles!! They just scream sexy in the bedroom!! xoxo Serena.

    Anonymous said...

    I love candles, handcuffs, blindfolds, ice cubes on a hot summer's day, and every now and then a sexy outfit or two and surprise him when he comes home ;) he can never say no! Or a shower together, and I lvoe the random flriting and groping building anticipation for later, meow!

    babymurr said...

    AAHH!! Just found you on "not an alpha mom" on FB!! love your blog!!!