Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tales from a sleep deprived mummy!

We have sleep issues at the moment in my household, and with daddy being away I get to deal with them all by myself.
Giggle girl for some unknown reason has taken herself out of the lovely routine she had created (we try not to push routines on to her, we just follow her ques and go from there)
So after three very difficult bed times and zero daytime sleeps (please let her not be dropping daytime sleeps already!! Mummy isn't ready for that yet!!) I'm going to share with you all the things I have tried an failed with.

-relaxing music playing
-bath with lavender oil (it was at 10pm and I was getting desperate!)
-putting undies (she calls them farties) on over her pj pants (at her very determined request)
-putting undies (farties) on her spongebob soft toy
-more milk
-ditching the milk idea and going for water
-panadol (she has a blocked nose and I thought she may have a headache as she kept snacking her hand on her head)
-bath in eucalyptus oil to clear her blocked nose.
-reading lots and lot of books
-trying to ignore her (didn't work, I couldn't stand hearing her upset! I lasted not even 5mins...don't know how ppl can do controlled crying for hours!!??)
- getting her up to play in the hope it would wear her out
-putting her in bed with me (she thought it was a trampoline, epic fail!)
-lots and lots of cuddles
-bringing to dog up to her room so that she could say goodnight
-numerous nappy changes because she was telling fibbies (pibbies in her words) about having a squishy poo (also her words)
-asking if she wanted to call daddy to say goodnight

There were probably lots more attempts and various things but as I was probably half asleep when I tried them they remain out of grasp of my memory.

Hope you got more sleep than I did!

Love and Smiles

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Ghada said...

I feel you pain. My boy is a bit older than Giggles, but we had a stint where he would stay up dancing and singing in his bed til about 10PM! He's finally cut his day sleeps and this makes him sleep much better at night.
Good luck - another suggestion is maybe having her calm down/wind down time start alot earlier than you normally would. For me I had to start it about one and a half hours before he went to sleep - it used to be that he only need 15-30 minutes plus a bath. Then for awhile he needed about 3 books and lots of quiet time in his room.
This too shall pass...