Thursday, March 25, 2010

What is the collective noun for multiple ramblings...?

It's been a little while and I'm really sorry..... Computer issues, lack of time and a shit load of other factors are to blame.

There is some big new news. There is a new member in the squishybum facebook family. 

I thought I should explain a bit more about this page.
Before I was a mum I was fashionable. I showered daily and my undies matched my bra. 

(Now I'm lucky to remember to out on a bra when I leave the house! ...Yes I am one of those free rotted women you see at the supermarket at about 7pm rushing around getting things that were too hard to get when I have giggle girl with me) 

But then when I gave birth something happened. I just didn't care anymore. I was a mum before I was me. I was tired. I was uncomfortable with my new body and it was too much effort to get dressed up if I was just going to get spewed on ten minutes later.

Giggle girl is almost two. (end of June) so I have got a bit sick of looking every inch like a slummy mummy. 
And it's time for change.

The squishybum emporium is for crafty and talented mums (plus me) to show what they can do and offer it for sale. I don't make any money from the page unless I sell my own items. 

I have noticed that there are so many facebook pages selling items for kids or kid safe items for mums. 
And there is nothing wrong with that. 
I just want to get things for me. 
The me that is not just a mum but a person as well. I want pretty things and I want to go to one place to find them! 
I also want to buy from Aussie work at home parents who don't have time to run a who business but create funky fun one off items. So I know if I go somewhere someone else won't have the same thing as me (god that's so annoying!)

So I'm making it my mission to get myself out my mummy rut.

For a few days last week I was teetering on the edge of mummy burnout.
I have read a few articles that talk about this but they only ever mention working mums. It's assumed that stay at home mums aren't entilted to suffer from mummy burnout as we don't work a "real" (paid) job. 

What a load of horse poo! 

I work harder now (and longer hours) than I ever did working full time. Even the period when I worked from 6pm to 5am then went to my second job from 7am to midday wasn't this demanding.
Don't get me wrong. I love being a stay at home mum BUT I wish that more people would recognize that it's hard work and that there is no sitting watching TV all day in the job description. When I do watch TV it's with giggle girl and I spend mist of the time jumping around playing with her singing the songs and practicing the counting or actions they are doing.

I think part of the burnout spiral for me was frustration  that I had let go of the old me so much so that I was unsure who I was if you took giggle girl out of the equation there was nothing left....I was just an empty shell
So what I have to figure out is how to rediscover me as well as being mum at the same time.

Any tips? experiences? anything you would like to share with  the class (lol)
Love and Smiles

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Confessions of a Girl said...

I know how you feel :(! I feel the exact same way sometimes. When i get stressed and to the breaking point i just WISH i had a f/t job or went to school f/t so that i could get a break. My hubby says that going to work isn't a break; well he used to until there was a 24 hr period he had them ALL to HIMSELF. He finally understood, and asked how i do it.

I wish more people would understand that being a SAHM is MORE than a FULL TIME JOB. It is a NEVER ENDING job. and we certainly don't get enough; or any credit for it from society.