Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sisters are doing it for themselves.

Sisters are doing it for themselves......and its all about them....
I have noticed a trend. Women are each others worst enemy.
If a guy doesn't like someone they don't speak to them or they duke it out and go back to beers. Women seem to keep their friends close and their enemies closer, so at least they are in the bitching loop.

When I was in the navy if I wanted to break the rules and sneak up to Mr Presidents room for some after hours snuggles I made sure I waited until it was all males on duty and then just straight out told them where I was going and why. If I went while there was a female on duty you can bet your bottom dollar that the next day I would be called into an office and be run in and charged for it. Why? Man code. Guys will lie to protect other guys. The blokes on duty knew if they dobbed me in Mr President would be in shit too.

So why is there no woman code?

Why are we all so keen to pick at the faults of other women?
It gets worse when you are a mother, there is an extra thing to judge you on. (even if you are doing a great job) along with judging you on the usual things. Hair, makeup, clothing, weight, intelligence, education, pay bracket, shoes, marital or single status, what car you drive, handbag you carry as well as how your partner fits into all of the above categories (other than makeup and handbags)

Why are we so keen to see the pitfalls of someone else? And once some women find a weak point why are they so quick to pick at that scab to see what's underneath?

Where's the support?

I have a friend who's son started school this year and she is known by the other school mums as the "weird hippy lady" because of the way she dresses and because she isn't interested on carrying a $300 purse to do the school run. Why isn't she known for being lovely and happy all the time, the mum that has all the time in the world for her kids and many of the other reasons why I think she's great.

I have heard that there are still examples of women supporting women, and I know some great women myself....but that is a minority. 

A group of mums I  know in Canberra is experiencing the biggest case of in-fighting, deception and backstabbing I have ever seen, and I should know, I went to a private school that was 90% girls.
i don't know and i don't really care who is to blame, put people are getting very very upset about  it, to the point where they are getting sick! 

Aren't there bigger things to worry about.

My mum always said when I was whinging as a teenager about how hard my life was, that if I wanted to see hard that she  would take me to the cancer ward of a children's hospital.

I think that a lot of mums need to re-think how they view others and maybe follow the old adage "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all"

and maybe if you think your life is scrapping so low that putting others down make you feel better about yourself, maybe your energy would be better put into use volunteering in a children's hospital. because god knows if you are low enough to bitch about them you need to move to a deserted island because there is no hope for you.

Love and Smiles


Anonymous said...

This is one I've thought about alot.
I really wonder whats up with our culture that some women need to be so damn competitve and bitchy.

I hope I can raise my daughter to treat others better than I so often see my friends and family treat each other.


MadCow said...

Well, said chickie :)

However, if they're not bagging the crap out of other mums and the way they do things, HOW are they supposed to convince THEMSELVES that what they are doing is ok??


That's my theory, anyway. Well, my main,theory, I have lots.

Sure, I think its about making themselves look better, definitley. I can't help but feel they're also just a bit doubtful about whether they're doing the "right" thing.

Well said and totally agree :D

Sarah said...

Great Post!! I wish it was so easy for myself to go to playgroups but after being burnt not once but twize! Iv decided enough is enough! I dont blame many women for keeping to themselves and i think ill be one of them i believe i three amazing friends and well they all live away from me but i think in todays world with computers and phones it's so easy to stay in touch.

For all those women who seem to judge and judge and stir trouble i think it's time you start doing some soul searching.

AccidentallyMommy said...

Z, you very eloquently put what I've tried to express in a couple of my posts. In a society like ours, we NEED that support, that bond that could create a "woman code" and we're going about it wrong, we're eliminating the smallest possibility of it.

We may be oceans away, but I would totally stand with you and hold your hand through our differences, and proclaim the beginning of a woman code.

/sappy moment