Sunday, March 7, 2010

review 1- Joli Natural

On Friday a package from Jodie at Joli Natural full of scrummy samples for me to try and review for you.

I should add at this point that I am not paid to do reviews, I don't take bribes, i cannot be convinced to put my name on the line for the sake of any product if i don't like it!

First of I will give you some details about joli Natural  products are FREE from SLES / SLS [sodium laurel / laureth sulphate], propylene glycol and parabens. So no chemical nasties in them. Annnnnnndddd....unlike other skin care Joli Natural Skin Care products are ‘made to order’ to suit individual skin type, custom blend, fragrance choice etc. Expertly made in small batches to give you great quality, fresh, natural skin care. BLISS!

In my little post parcel of goodies there were things for me, things for giggle girl and things for the anti-metrosexual Mr President.

The first thing we tested out was the Decadent Bath Melt Bar (seduction) Giggle girl was in bed and as soon as I noticed it said it was safe for use on intimate areas I dragged Hubby off to the shower with me to see how much fun it could be. OH MY LORDY LORD! It smelt divine, it felt divine and the details were correct...very safe for imitate areas.... and oh so much fun (its an added bonus my skin was all soft and i smelled lush all skin on OTHER parts of my body....dirty minded....) For $5.95 bar I'm going to put in a BIG order.

after testing the bath melt bar i kicked hubby out of the shower and started testing my sample of  the Herbal Shampoo Bar. My sample was about a 1cm I wanted to see how many washes I could get out ofit.
So far I am up to 4 washes on my hair and one wash of giggle girl's hair. The first wash took me a bit to get used to the fact that it doesnt foam as much as chemical shampoos...or maybe because I had bath melt bar in my hair...(hehe...) but it was just a Meh the first wash (well first two washes.....I double wash my hair as it gets so greasy so fast) but out of a 1cm cube i got 6 washes of my hair (shoulder length medium thickness) plus one wash of giggle girls hair. My hair is cleaner, it takes longer to get dirty and I didnt even have to use conditioner. One bar would last AGES and its only $3.95 a bar!

I also used the shaving cream- amazing...fastest shave i have ever had....Its safe for intimate areas so that's where i used it...I already had shaving rash, it felt soothing and didn't irritate the damage I had previously done.

I also tried a heap of  other other products so I will write up a second blog at a later stage......
In the meantime If you are temped by these products so far make sure you check out the Joli Natural webpage.

Love and Smiles


Woman Uncensored said...

Wow, you totally have me sold on the hair bar. I was just asking about naturally removing build up the other day on my page.

Then my day was kinda ruined when I went to her site to buy some, and it was TWENTY DOLLARS (US) to ship a $3 friggin bar. WTF?! And the shipping details listed the weight as 108 pounds? I'm sure a bar of soap can't weigh as much as an adult, lol, maybe this is a mistake. I'm going to see if I can contact her, because I really want some, but paying 7 times the value of something in shipping costs... um no, lol.

TouchstoneZ said...

Hey Z, Great review. I'm also in the US. So, I'll be looking forward to what J says about it.

I used to have the same issue with greasy scalp until I started no-pooing (It's baking soda & apple cider vinegar) It restored the natural pH & my scalp is never greasy (unless I go like a week :o) PM me if you want my favorite link to doing it. ~Zoie

crazymumof4 said...

Hi i just thought id let u know there r heaps of sites online in Australia for free samples..which could be another way to do some product reviews

Just thought that might help