Friday, March 26, 2010

DIY prosta-tot........just go shopping.

Giggle girl needs new winter clothes but I'm having trouble finding any I like

see im not one of those fussy mums who's child has to look like a mini model. All I'm after winter clothes that are warm, durable comfortable and appropriate to a two year old.
because shes so tall and clothes are always funny sizes I like to have her there with me so I can check it against her but I'm thinking I'm just going to have to bite the bullet and buy from online WAHM's 

 The reason i ant find any clothes is because for some reason stores like Target, Myer, Big W, Kmart and Best and Less seem to think its a great idea to dress your child like a baby hooker!

I went to my good friend google and went on a search
and the first thing that popped up was Suri Cruise (surprise surprise!)
This is Suri, aged 3....wearing high heels carrying an $850 (US) handbag
Little Suri is everything that has gone wrong in society...and her parents obviously have more money than sense!
At three years old she should be playing in dirt ad playing mummy to dolls. The closest she should come to makeup is when she draws on the walls with her mums lipstick, not have her own makeup kit!

The range of winter clothes at target currently in size 3-7 are cute hippy inspired cotton prints and knit jumpers....these I don't mind some of the other items are hoochie-mama style puffy parkas with  tights covered in sequins....still not that bad, not fun for play but at least its warm.
The winter lothes that really bug me are the short shorts with tights and  boots, the mini skirts, school style slutty dresses and the diva style barbie range they have that is all fake furs and hemlines that don't leave much to the imagination. 
And that's the winter stuff......summer is 100x as bad!

What happened to jeans and along sleeve shirt with trainers? or a tracksuit without anything suggestive on the bum?

Why aresome people in such a hurry to make mini adults out of children.....who buys these things?
I remember a couple of years the uproar about target stocking padded bras and g-strings for kids....its a revolting concept....but i want to know who buys them? They wouldn't stock them if there wasn't a demand. who is after a g-string and matching padded bra for a 5 year old??!!

Then have a look at these gems I found

and finally this classy gem (I will write a whole blog on slogan shirts another day)

What are the worst items you have seen for kids to wear?

Love and Smiles


Confessions of a Girl said...

Those Pictures are Ridiculous!! Holy Crap! My daughter is only 14 months old, and i see the clothes that they sell for little girls and it disgusts me. It makes me wish i took sewing or clothing design in school so that i could make her clothes that didn't make her look like a hooker in training!!

You're right, what ever happened to regular long dresses with Bows? Or Just the Track pants with matching jacket (WITH OUT *Juicy* written on the A**!!)? I can't believe that people actually buy this for their daughters; and then wonder why they are getting abducted and/or raped!

And Padded bras and g-strings/thongs for CHILDREN!! Are they INSANE?!

Okay this has gotten long. But i totally agree with you and think this is ludacris!

Jessica said...

So, so, so sad! Mother of 5 girls here, rebelling against all of this. I refuse to participate in such garbage and call it life. My daughters deserve better. In fact, we all do.

AusGaia said...

So glad I have boys! I saw a 7 or 8 yr old in the mall the other week and her shorts were so tiny I could see her ass cheeks! Seriously I wanted to throw up then slap whoever bought them for her!

Sarah said...

Who are these babies roll models!! Come on it's so sad walkign around the amll looking at all these babies i mean they are 14 they are still babies!! Im so happy that im going to be teaching my daughter RESPECT!! I think you really have to look at who you are and if you want your daughter to be like you!! I must admit im forever changing so i can be a better mother and a role model.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a little girl, I've been blessed with a fiesty little boy, but many of my friends have girls and have expressed your exact sentiments. I think it's disgusting what has become socially acceptable for CHILDREN to wear. What the hell are these mother's thinking who are dressing their girls like this? Oh, right, they're probably the ones with the belly shirts and thongs hanging out their too old asses.

TEEs Me, Please! said...

I agree with this. I do have pretty frilly clothes for my daughter for parties etc but I also insist on certain skirts being worn with tights or leggings. Some shorts are banned for wear out in public. She wears jeans and pants (some handed down brom brothers and make cosuins). There are things I will not let her wear. And lipgloss is only for every now and again.

Anonymous said...

its not only little girls who are not dressed in age appropriate clothing. I've seen a baby boy wearing a jumpsuit with the slogan "i'm proof my mum's easy"