Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bugger having a dream.....I have a PLAN!!

After reading this blog i started thinking (for those who know me will giggle at that)

I dont breastfeed anymore.... but i did...and I'm kicking myself that i never took breastfeeding photos! 
I wanted to promote awareness and remove the stigma of breastfeeding, especially in public.
I had no idea what to do until I saw this picture on a fans page 
(I have no idea who did it...if anyone knows let me know so I can give them full credit!)

Then my BIG idea hit me like a tonne of boobs!

This idea I have is not about if you breast feed bottle feed are male or female....even if you dont have children you can still be involved in this.

I'm after three things
  1. support.....I need this to go viral! I need this to be passed on to every breastfeeding supporter all over the spread the word
  2. Entrants....more details on that in a second...
  3. Companies, WAHM, websites that would like to donate prizes and also act as judges.... I know its a big ask but its a great cause!
Entrants....well this is where the big idea comes into it...
I want to run a breastfeeding awareness campaign and (hopefully if enough businesses get involved) competition.
There will be a number of categories.
  • Beautiful breastfeeding photos.
  • Breastfeeding blogs, poetry or other written material.
  • Breastfeeding art (paintings, drawing, sculptures...anything except photos...that has its own category)
  • Breastfeeding awareness clothing design (as well as photos of it being worn IN PUBLIC)
  • PUBLIC group events to gain awareness.
  • And an "other" category....for everything else.
So get your arty hat on and get creative.
So are you in??

Love and Smiles

Please email me if you want to be involved


Beck said...

I just emailed you :) your doing an awesome thing xx

TEEs Me, Please! said...


i will see how i can contribute (either as a breastfeeder or as a sponsor..... :)

i had lots of pics taken while breastfeeding my daughter.... and some taken while breastfeeding 2 of my sons (my first son was only breastfed for a little while).....

my main business is promotion so I may be able to help you there... esp as on one of my video presentations I am breastfeeding....

mamapoekie said...

That's a wonderful idea! I'm in... Maybe you could also host a breastfeeding blog carnival

x N said...

Count me in! Im due with my 3rd in 4 weeks and will have a thousand and one BFing photos! Also Punk Princess ( will donate, and im happy to help judge! Just shoot me an email (which i think you would still have) and we will work somthing out! xN said...

Id love to help as much as I can. I have breastfed both my girls, my oldest self weaned at almost 3 and my youngest is still going strong at 16 months. Its a wonderful way to bond and it ensures the very best nutrition for your baby.
I don't have very many breastfeeding pictures(if any) and I doubt you could tell I was nursing in the pictures I do have. I make my own clothing and have managed to have beautiful clothing that is also nursing accessible so I'm modest while I nurse. Modesty is very important to me and I love that I can nurse anywhere and still not be uncomfortable. Ill try to e-mail you later and see now I can help.

PegHead said...

I'll donate 1 DreamSling Gift Certificate when it turns into a contest. If you want larger file sizes of these pics, let me know. The two pics on the top left of this page are of myself and another mom breastfeeding our babies in our slings. I'll have to get the other mom's permission to send hers to you, but I'm in the blue shirt if you want that pic.

Also linking to here from my blog.