Sunday, February 14, 2010


Well is Valentines Day, the day of the year where love and romance is celebrated by puppy eyed, mushy couples everywhere...BLEGH!

Can you tell....I don’t do Valentines Day!

My theory on romance and love is that if you want to do it, don’t wait for the day when florists bump up the prices. Do it just because, don’t wait till the greeting card companies tell you that you should!

Valentines Day should be re-named VD day as I bet there is more pity (or is it sympathy?) sex on Valentines Day than any other time of the year (except maybe New Years Eve)
I bet more STI’s and venereal diseases are exchanged than long stemmed roses!

Maybe the only positive point of Valentines Day is for those who are too scared to admit their feelings the rest of the year?

How do you feel about Valentines Day?

As always
Love and Smiles


Angelica said...

I think it's good in SOME ways. It's nice for someone to show they care, but as you said, it's better when they do it all the time. Not just one day out of the year. So I half agree. Lol

Sarah said...

Im a very family valentines girl. It's not just about expressing your love for your parnter but the whole family! xox And i think with children that i need to get some chance at getting out of the house with my partner!! xoxo

Woman Uncensored said...

I think it's a great excuse to get out on a date with hubby. Unfortunately our anniversary is 2 days later, and my parents are stingy with babysitting, so we sacrifice v-day in favor of our anniversary.

Also, we celebrate kid's b-days, even though we should obviously still be loving them and stuff every other day of the year, lol. So although we should be doing nice stuff for our sweeties on a daily basis, what's wrong with an excuse to get extra silly/fun/mooshy and just kick back and enjoy it? Certainly doesn't hurt anyone, right?

Squishy Bum Mum said...

It doesn't hurt anyone at all.....just not my thing.

I hope everyone that does celebrate VD has a great day....lOL

TouchstoneZ said...

I sometimes get breakfast in bed on VDay, if I lay around abed long enough. So, I guess I support that part of it ;) But, I don't go in for any of the consumerist part of it. Just not my thing either.