Sunday, February 7, 2010

Life lessons I learnt on a big night out.

Like most mums I don't get the chance to go out alone very often.....hell I don't even get to pee alone very often, if its not giggle girl its the dog watching me..... but my mum was visiting for the weekend so i jumped at the chance to go out with my husband and some of his mates last Friday night.
The mates were from Western Australia and had never been to Sydney and what better way to give them the real Sydney experience than a night in Oxford Street and Kings Cross.

For those of you unfamiliar with Sydney (or Australia in general) Oxford Street i would have to say is the gay and lesbian epicenter of the country and the Cross....well..... it was described the other night as the "place god forgot" its a strange mix of red light district and hip clubbing area. Hookers and hot spots....interesting mix.

So this is what I learnt over the course of our night

  1. Check train time tables before leaving...being stuck at various train stations for almost 2 hours almost peeing my pants....not fun! (and very dangerous after having a baby!)
  2. Even being 30kg heavier than my pre-baby weight i still have the ability to convince random old guys to buy me expensive drinks.
  3. Transvestite prostitutes should shave the 6 days of beard growth before heading out to work.
  4. Working girls in the cross have GREAT taste in shoes, but don't like being asked where they shop.
  5. Being the only girl in a group of 4 guys means that automatically no one hits of you, especially when you introduce your husband.
  6. No one wants to hear about your baby when they are drunk, unless they have one of their own.....then its a great talking point.
  7. Female bar managers are awesome!
  8. Don't ask random people if you can choose a pro for them.....they don't think its funny.
  9. Wear comfy shoes! (i didn't, big mistake!)
  10. Random compliments from strangers make your night.....make sure you give some to someone next time you are out.
  11. Most of the girls i saw with great legs were really guys....that's NOT
  12. paying $25 dollars for a long island iced tea is too expensive, ask how much drinks cost BEFORE they make them to avoid arguments with HUGE islander bouncers.
  13. God there are some HOT gay guys around!
  14. Don't get home at 4am if you know that bubba will be up at 7:30. it makes for a very long day for mummy.
  15. Don't wear fishnet stockings if you have fat legs and are walking long distance, the chafing is amazing!

This is the inside of my even has the fishnet pattern!

I had a great night, its just lucky i only do it once in a blue moon...... I'm going to be napping when giggle girl does for the next week just to catchup on lost sleep! Im just glad i wasn't hungover, that would have been unbearable!

So now you know about my was yours?

Love and Smiles

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Sarah said...

Not nearly as exciting as yours! Your crazy girl xoxox