Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm all for foreskins.

After reading this guest blog "Foreskin in the Bedroom: One Woman's Love Affair With an Intact Penis" from the woman uncensored blog I felt inspired to write about my own experiences with intact and circumcised penises.

I have had 3 serious boyfriends, (the ones who penises i actually paid attention to) The first was intact, as he was the one i lost my virginity to i didn't think anything of it....young and frivolous it wasn't a big thinking point.

My second serious boyfriend was circumcised..... that was a bit of an issue.....I had no idea what to do with it. The skin didn't move, there was none of that sexy sliding feeling that an intact penis has. Even when he masturbated he didnt use his hand, he did it using a soft cloth, to somewhat replicate the foreskin feeling.

Then i met my husband, he is intact and has the most beautiful penis I have ever seen, I cant understand how anyone can say that a penis is ugly if its uncircumcised....all i can put those sorts of comments down to is bad personal taste!

I love that feeling of sliding the foreskin gently back, its like opening an amazing present. I love that its the softest skin on his body. I love that i know how to use it to make him happy ;)
(intact penises are just so much more fun to play with)

I'm sad that baby boys are routinely circumcised, they are missing out on having their penis worshiped later in life by their lover or wife.

Now i cant wait for hubby to get home....hehe...

Love and Smiles


Woman Uncensored said...

Woo, thanks for the shoutout!

It's always cool to hear from women like you who haev BTDT. I'd like to punch my MIL for what she's taken from my husband and I :-(

Peppino P said...

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Anonymous said...

The negative comments about the "Intact" penis are the result of social conditioning.
Those people grew up thinking intact was inferior, dirty, etc, etc.
And ... I guess they can't see the truth past their prejudice.

Anonymous said...

I like to believe somethings should be kept within the family. I would not judge those who do this procedure it's a very personal choice. But in saying that it's not a choice i believe a parent has the right to choose. I believe our bodies are our own, in saying that though immunization is a choice a parent has for the children to give them a better start to life. To prevent them getting very sick or even dying from a disease. Is this justified or shoould we give them these choice too! Then i think on it and relaise what's a needle to inject them with a anti body to a disease that they can later in life get sick from, then cutting of there forskin to make them look like there father or to prevent infections which should not happen if you look after your son's penis, teach him to clean it. So waht do you think??

alisaterry said...

I love your line about how it's opening an amazing present. tee hee!

Anonymous said...

I have to admit this, and i need to admit it somewhere, that my hubby can't find..
ever since i've really began thinking about it,
i cant get turned on by him [ he was circed at 4 years old ] ....and its just so hard i love him and i LOVE having sex with him...but lately i just dont get turned on by him, i was once with a man who was un-circed and the feeling was AMAZING, and i just dont get that great of a feeling with my hubby :(
should i tell him how i feel? even this morning he wanted to try a little sex while our baby was still sleeping, and i couldnt get into it ...

RD said...

What you have just posted is very sad. And you are far from the only American woman whose free spirit sexual exploration before marriage has led her to your conclusion.

Many women report that cut and intact feel the same during sex. They have not noticed the frenulum, and do not appreciate foreskin moving in the vagina. These women must be very economical in their foreplay, because foreskin makes a big difference during foreplay. But other women report that the foreskin makes vaginal intercourse a lot more comfortable, even more thrilling.

Your pleasure might benefit from foreskin retoration, but that would be asking a lot of your DH.

But don't curse the darkness; light a candle. Which means putting your story in the public domain, here, Woman Uncensored, and MotheringDotCom.

Busy lil' Bee said...

I have to say, my father is cut, my step-dad and brother are intact. My first sexual experience was with an intact man with a very short foreskin (my s0n to him is intact), and my husband (my only other sexual experience) is cut. I dont know what it is, but I prefer the look of a cut one. Maybe to me it just looks more sexual?? I really have nothing to compare the feel of an uncut one with the feel of a cut one, and I know all the health arguments. But to me, it just looks better. I see it like a tattoo though. Dont cut your kids for aesthetics, let them choose it as an adult if they are into crazy mutilation... I wish my Husband was intact though... intact men have a reputation for being more gentle.