Thursday, February 25, 2010

Birth stories- Sarah

Hello I would like to share with you all my birth stories as a guest blogger on squishy bum mum.

My name is Sarah and I'm a 23yo SAHM of two beautiful children Joel and Chloe

My partner and I found out we where pregnant very early as I knew something was up as my period was late and my breasts were also killing me.

After waiting a few days we I set of to get a pregnancy test after work, I couldn't wait till Chris got home so I did it straight away

There is was in clear two lines, we were pregnant!

I started to cry and had to get a brown paper bag to calm myself down, after calming down I got on the phone to Chris.

Chris seemed to think that I'm a bit of ditz when it comes to some things so he was going to buy another for me to do when he got home.

So we did and yep pregnant!

So we decided to make a decisions right there and then we would give each other a few days and then tell each other what we wanted.

The two days came and on the count of three we said out loud.... we are having a baby!

All our appointments went by, we find out we were having a little boy, thinking of names none of them where good.

The night October 7th 2007 I went into labour, mild labour nothing serious, though we went and saw my midwife and she sent me home with a few sleeping tablets and some panadol.

I couldn't sleep as the pain was getting worse and more intense, morning come and we went back to my midwife she looked at me and said yep you're in labour and did a internal and said I was only 3 cms dilated and to go home and try and get some rest!

At this time i was overwhelmed by the pain and exhausted. This was only around 9am, by lunch time I was worried and scared so we went back to the hospital were my midwife meet us there and well she did another internal and i was only 4cm dilated.

So she gave us the choice stay here or go home so we stayed there.

She gave me some morphine and I slept for a few hours and woke up so some full blown contractions.

By 8pm that night I was still only4 cm dilated as time went by and by walking up and down the hall way gas come and went I couldn't for the life me overcome these pains.

By 1 am they broke my water to start things along and well didn't that do something....I was in so much pain I couldn't move off the bed.

Chris my partner never left my side. I got all my strength from him, and then as time went by it felt like hours but it was only minutes.

My midwife said it was time for a eppie nothing else was working so we went up stairs to the antenatal word they got me up on the bed and the doctor come in here I was worried about the doctor seeing me naked and Chris was worried about the huge needle he was about to put in my back I will never forget his face it was wild and he looked like he was about to punch the doctor out!

I slept for most of the morning it was about 3 am Joel heart beat started to fade but they kept an eye on his heart and all was fine I feel asleep listening to his heart beat. Chris on the floor trying to sleep.

The midwife come in around 8am and checked me yep I was 10 cms dilated so here we go!! They turned the epidural off as it was time for me to feel the contractions again, oh god I was thinking.

But with every contractions I pushed and Chris whispered in my ear with every big push we get closer to meeting our son!

He was crowning and the midwife asked Chris if he wanted to have a look and so he did and at that moment he also named our son Joel. At 9:05am

Joel Cecil was born 9th October 2007 8 pounds and 4 ounces 51 cms.

Joel was 18mth old and we found out we were pregnant again with our second baby!

We were shocked but so very grateful, it was great telling Joel he was going to be a big brother, yet we knew he didn't fully understand.

It feels like a life time ago I was pregnant but it was only 4 mths ago.

I called my midwife, the same midwife that i had with Joel, and told her I was pregnant and she took me on straight away. Appointments were easy i knew what we where doing this time, the 20 week ultra sound come up and we wanted to know the sex but they couldn't get a good look, so we went for a walk for a while and went back.

She said it looks like a girl 70 percent! That was going to do me. We were going to have a little girl. We were all so excited and happy!

Her due date was the 14th of October not planned at all, I was hoping she didn't come on Joel's second birthday the little girl stayed in. :)

Went in to the midwife on the 15th as bubs was still not out and they where going to induce me on the 20th i wasn't looking forward to that as I have heard some nasty stories.

The night of the 18th come and still no sign's at all then i had unexpected bleeding it started to get a lot heavier so called my midwife and went in and stayed over night while I was monitored.

Everything seemed fine. Joel was staying at his grandmothers and I I was contracting on and off all though the night and with only two sleeping tablets I was sleeping though them it was great! I didn't think i was in labour at all.

Then the doctor come in and check on me again in the morning did an internal and i was 7 cm dilated we were so excited as the contractions were really nothing special.

I was then discharged out of the antenatal clinic and down to the birthing center.

On the way down the contractions stated to get worse every 2minutes and they where intense but in a good way. Hoped into the bath on the gas 2 contractions later I was 10 cms dilated I was going to have my baby in the bath.......then they couldn't find her heart beat so they flew me over to the bed I remember Chris getting me out like I was a feather.

The the pushing started it was so painful..... I wanted drugs but nope.... wasn't allowed. My water still was intact so they had to break it to help her out.

It was a pain I'll never forget and if i had to choice between a eppie and a drug free I'll be going to drug free for sure.

I couldn't believe it was giving birth to this baby on my own the midwife was just holding her head!

Then a few pushes later Chloe Elizabeth was born 11 24 am 19th October 2007 7 pounds and 14 ounces 51 cms.

Joel was the first one to see her apart from myself and her Daddy and my gosh.... wasn't he proud! He knew the first time he saw her that she was his.

That this baby belong to us, she completes our family.

The birth's of my Children were amazing experience and if I had to sum it all up...It was life changing!


nat said...

Wow what a great birth story! I really enjoyed reading this :)
My daughters name is Chloe Elizabeth too haha

Sarah said...

That's amazing it's such a beauitful name!!