Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frisky Friday- Outfitting for nookie

Before having giggle girl, I had a almost insatiable appetite for sex, since becoming a mum I have found that it takes more to turn me on, not just foreplay but all the game playing and "mind fucking" that comes before hand

And i have discovered I'm a closet exhibitionist.

I love being looked at and knowing I'm being looked at (I'm not into the creepy peeping tom idea)
Whenever my husband is away with work I send him a mix of very raunchy photos and cute glimpse of my body photos.

I'm always terrified that these photos will fall into the wrong hands but I figure you only live once and if nudity is the worst that i be it! I will cop that on the chin.

My husbands favorite kind of photos are the ones where it just shows my legs, stocking and suspenders. Hes such a traditionalist.
I have to admit that wearing the outfits that turn him on turns me on. Hes not into the stupid fluffy negligee type outfits, thank goodness! (I have trouble being THAT girly)

I love corsets and suspenders, mostly because covering my tummy after baby makes me feel more comfortable. (the lift that they give your boobs is an added bonus)

Costumes I haven't really gotten into, I get distracted and cant stay in character.

I'm thinking i should get a cutesie 1950's short frilly housewife apron to encourage him to "help" me with the housework...the sooner its finished the sooner we get mummy and daddy time, I will try not to tease too much by bending over alto to pick up invisible bits of noting from the floor.
(like this one from Flirty Aprons)

Is it a health and safety issue to clean in high heels and an apron? (I cant see see too many problems unless I'm using caustic chemicals...oven cleaner on your lady bits...OUCH!)

What sort of lingerie do you like? Does your significant other have the same taste as you?

Love and Smiles


chela said...

LOL I love this! Unfortunately I have the total opposite problem, nothing seems to get me in the mood anymore, but after reading this I'm thinking I might try sending some 'private' photos to my hubby to see if that might work for me...If nothing else at least I'll drive him crazy hehe

Anonymous said...

I get so caught up in being a mum and forget about myself. Before Kids my partner and i qwould stay up rather night worshiping each noew it's gotta sleep, need sleep. I feel also a mum doesn't have a sex life no way! I have truly forgotten how to have fun. So inspired by this blog i put on some sexy outfits and let my partner take a few photos and put them in a alumb for his eyes only!!

Look out i think im actually getting my fun back into the bedroom again and leaving the mum at the door!! xox

Woman Uncensored said...

This is cute :-)

My hubby is a total leg and ass man. If I wear nothing by thigh-highs, he's in heaven. Toss on some heels, thong, and bustier as well and his head just about explodes (no pun intended, or is there...? LOL)

We just recently got cell phones and pix have added a whole new element to our love lives. It's like being teenagers again.

Hubby's and I one difference in tastes is that I prefer fishnets because they breathe, and he prefers normal stockings because they're soft.