Thursday, February 25, 2010

Some people need to be slapped....HARD!

I heard a very sad story last night from a fan, so get ready for the RANT!

I know that child abuse is pressing issue, In Australia recently we have some horrible crimes committed against children. I just cant stand when parents make stupid choices and justify their actions by saying at least I'm not bashing my child as if it makes what they are doing OK.

There are three main characters in my story I will refer to them as A, B and C
A- Is the mother of C
B- Is a single guy with no kids
C- Is a 15 month old child

I hope that will make it easier for you to follow.

B invited A and a friend over to his house for a catch up at 6pm at night. A, C and friend didn't arrive until after 10pm.

B was horrified when he saw A giving C coke-cola to drink from a bottle so that she would get hyped up and then fall asleep easily when the sugar hit wore off.

While C was all hyped up on the sugar, caffeine and chemicals in the coke A was smacking her and telling her off for being naughty.

A also sat C on her lap while having a cigarette and when B commented A said that passive smoking was harmless. When B made an uber sarcastic comment about how about you just give her a cigarette then, A stated that she had in fact watched C consume almost a whole packet of smokes once, and she had watched he do it!

B was appalled and spoke to a close friend of mine (B is also a mutual friend) who has a child about the same age as giggle girl (20 months of so) and asked if this was normal practice as he had no real experience with parenting, but he didn't see how it could be RIGHT.

He posted a comment on his facebook status saying- "Did you no that if you feed a child under the age of two Coke it puts them to sleep??? gotta love the logic of some parents...."

He got a few replies thinking he was being serious and also one from our mutual friend who knew the story saying
"Its young mums like that that give the rest of us a bad name.
Children are not an inconvenience to be managed, they are little people!
If you give a child coke to encourage a sugar crash later to get them to go to sleep i would encourage parenting classes ASAP! There are so many HEALTHY methods to get children into a good sleep routine even if they are not in their normal day to day environment.
Pull your head in if this status was directed at you, its not about you anymore!
Think of whats best for your child, not about whats "easy" at the time"

A's response was
"u can get fucked im a gud mum and i do everythin for my little girl and she has everythin she culd possible need and want... i dnt need no fuckin classes... my daughter has a sleep routine and the onli reason she was awake was because there were new ppl around and she was excited.. the coke was given to her because there was nuttin else for her to ... See moredrink wat was i gunna do let her dehidrate pfft.. i kno its not about me its all about my little girl and always has been yous are carryion on about a little bit of coke maybe u shuld go talk to ppl who starve their kids or bash their kids caz i aint doin anythin wrong... my daughter hardly gets coke and gets all the nutrients and gud stuff she needs so dnt any ov u fukin judge me yous hav no rite to god its like i bash my kid or sumfin the way yous are sarryin on'

As its in some strange language from the depths of the Congo jungle I hope you can understand it....i had trouble the first (few) read through.

Her comment about dehydrating was most amusing....what about tap water....or the Milk and filtered water B offered? Apparently not good enough....she had to go out to specifically buy coke for C.

I know this seems like a bit of a personal attack but A is not a fan of this page so its highly unlikely that she will read this.
It just frustrates me to no-end that some parents will justify things that they do by saying well there are people that do worse things than me so that's ok.

Giggle girl is 20 months old, she has NEVER had coke, she once had one small glass of watered down lemonade as a treat on a hot day. I'm a heavy smoker too but NEVER around her, I have never needed a cigarette so badly that i would be willing to expose my child the chemicals that even I know i shouldn't put into my body.

So i would love to hear feedback on this.
What are your thoughts on the whole sordid story??

Love and Smiles


Amber said...

Sounds like she also needs a spelling/grammar class in addition to the parenting class!

That is horrific!

Cherie said...

Wow.... love it how she had a come back 2 it all.
My kids age 7,4,3 have NEVER had COKE and never will. I dont do kids and coke.

Anonymous said...

A coke actually seems mild compared to what I've heard other moms promoting.

For example, I've heard moms say they keep cough syrup, benadryl and tylenol on hand to give it to their kids at night so they sleep better. I've heard of parents doing this so the kid won't wake up so they can leave the house for the night (without a sitter).

Smoking still has cultural acceptance in some areas and for some people. For example, I know a family with smoking parents and they would never accept that smoking can increase allergies and asthma in their kids (which all of them have) nor would they stop smoking if they believed it.

I've let DD have a sip or two of sodas...only orange soda or sprite b/c that is all that I drink...and even then it's only at a birthday party or during a special occasion. The caffeine and sugar isn't even the worrisome about all that fake sugar, the chemicals, the dyes and the "trade secret" ingredients?

Sometimes you bump into people who are so different from you in your philosophy that you need to remove them from your life to protect yourself and your children. It sounds as if this is one of those situations.

Squishy Bum Mum said...

The thing that boggles my mind the most is that a childfree single young guy could see that it wasn't right....yet the mother thought it was fine!

OMG about the cough syrup and other medications....and even worse leaving a child ALONE with no one home. I feel bad enough if i walk the 15 meters to put the rubbish out when giggle girl is asleep and no one is home with her.

Feiona said...

My children (6 and almost 3) have diet or sugar free softdrink on the VERY rare occasion. My 6 year old has had 1 sip of coke, and even that was too much. I feel so sorry for this poor child! Where is this childs routine? Getting to someones house at 10pm, why weren't they at home, tucked up in bed, with a milk bottle???
I know of a few people that give their kids medication to "help" them get to sleep (and so the parents can have "ME" time!), and i hate it!! Its called a warm bath, story time, snuggles and warm milk, oh and don't forget bedtime!!
People like A, annoy me. Start stepping up and look after YOUR child properly! It's called mothering!! A course or 2 would be great for A!!

Squishy Bum Mum said...

I know that people make mistakes and people can amend their errors but A was just so convinced that she was doing everything right.

I think there are a few courses she best attend.

Woman Uncensored said...

This is why stupid people shouldn't breed. It seems that spelling abilities are often a good indicator of the quality of one's parenting.

Sarah said...

I feel for the child that will be brought up in a home like this, they didn't choice this life im sure if they had a choice they wouldn't be wanting cook for bed.

I feel for the mother neglecting her child the child she gave birth too, the child that looks up to her and thinks she is everything. What are you doing to your daughter wake up and see it before it's to late.

I feel for all those women that cant have children and hear about stories like this one and other's on the news!!! Im sure those women would make wonderful mums and have to hear about these poor excuses for mothers!!

xoxox on that Note my son ask me for a juice. he doesn't know that it is water with a teaspoon of jucie!!

AusGaia said...

Did I read right that she let her child get into a pack of smokes! I can't read her responce again as it was far too painfull the first time. This distinct lack of common sense with her parenting skills is abusive (as is her grammar lol) Why was a little one awake at 10pm? Why is she giving c coke? Does she know what is in that crap? Bloody hell. It looks like she is doing whatever is convenient for herself at the time - baby is having a tantrum but playing will smokes makes them quite so okay here have a pack or I want to go out a 10pm so you can just miss your bedtime and I'll get you all hocked up on sugar so you crash later, just don't misbehave when all the sugar hits your system or I'll smack you.

These people should not be parents!

AS for drugging kids so parents can go out that's another rant lol. I feel terrible hanging clothes out on the back line if my little ones are inside, I couldn't imagine leaving the house without them! I feel bad enough dropping my 5 yr old off at school lol.

Anonymous said...

i love coke but have never ever givin it to my daughter and never ever will. my daughter has never even had chocolate!!

i am a smoker and have always smoked outside and my packet is kept on top of the fridge where there is no possiable way for my daughter to get them!

people like A are giving the rest of us younge mums a bad name!

Squishy Bum Mum said...

It's flipping maddening when all young mums are painted with the same brush.... there are lots of young mums doing an amazing job!

Anonymous said...

Well im B and after reading this it dosnt make me feel so bad about how blunt i was..... yet i get threats from A and A's x.... people should have to sit a common seance test before they have kids and maybe there wouldn't be so many kids getting locked up and in to drugs....

Anonymous said...

That is one of the most crazy stories I have ever heard. I think my son was probably 2 before he even tasted something with sugar in it. I avoided candy and pop altogether as long as possible. Of course the real world has introduced it to him by now but it is not something he expects on a regulat basis at home anyways.

It seems to me anyone that would drug their child in anyway, whether it be smoking, caffeine highs, or medicine abuse does not deserve the beautiful child they were given. I have given my child medicine to SLEEP at night, but never more than the suggested dosage EVER. This is a huge problem in society, follow the instructions.

Last but not least, common sense dictates if something is bad for you, it is at least 10 times worse for your child. Your child has less exposure, less immunities, less awareness, don't teach them bad habits now.