Saturday, February 20, 2010

Archive- seach for the perfect PJ's

Blog written by me under a different blogging name a year ago.....
Hope you enjoy

I was talking to my Mother In Law recently (and yes i was speaking to her by MIL is ok-ish but that's off the topic!) about my search for the perfect Pj's and that i was feeling a little depressed that most women may age (probably without kids) sleep in the nude or in pretty, sexy little numbers. I'm looking for the perfect pair of flannel Pajamas! I know, not very sexy but oh so warm!

It it concerning that i have hit my 40's twenty years early? Or is it more concerning that I'm turning into my mother!!??

I love my mum but she seems to get funkier as i get daggier!! THIS ISN'T FAIR!! Maybe its because now she is an empty nester and has time and funds to spoil herself rather shopping for clothes when they are on sale at Kmart.

I'm off to go get my lovely warm flannel jarmies on, then i might snuggle up on the lounge with a throw rug over my knees with a lovely hot cup of tea and a good book.

This getting old caper isn't all bad!!

Love and Smiles


keely27 said...

I have always worn flannel pjs...probably more at mum's insistence that I do then anything else but I still LOVE them.

Woman Uncensored said...

Lol, I totally sleep naked. Even in Oregon winter without the heat on, I can only sleep with one blanket or I get too hot. Jammies would mean no blanket and that just feels weird!

I just hope the house doesn't catch fire or my neighbors are going to get an eyefull, lol

Sarah said...

loved it then love it know!! xox im wearing very comfy track pants and a t shirt!! lol

AusGaia said...

Ya know I find slepping naked in winter far warmer than pj's but then again I don't like clothes at the best of times lol