Sunday, February 28, 2010

Confess your secret- squishybum mum's version of post secret

My parents trusted me when I was little because i was the
"good child" my sister was 2 years older and in her teens and not to be trusted obviously lol my parents used to hide their alcohol in my room (midori and such irresistible lolly drinks) my trick was drinking the whole freakin lot and then acting totally innocent while my sister got the blame haha
I also drank and entire bottle of port that was on display at the house once with a friend when i was a kid and we were so trashed and didn't know what to do that we filled it up with water and put the lid back on.... this bottle is still on display waiting for a special occasion and i am 26 now LOL!!!! I can't WAIT for the day it gets opened hahaha


26 years ago I spent almost one year in Sydney, I was very young and madly in love with an Australian guy.
Fate tore us apart but I'm still in love with him, although I'm married and mother of four children here in Austria.
I don't know nothing about him.
He was the first man in my life and I wish he would be my last...

I have a secret.

I like pornography. Well maybe "like" is inadequate, I actually have a borderline obsession with it. I could spend up to and hour or two a day watching it if time permitted. Not sure why. I very rarely masturbate while I watch, and I usually watch it alone, there's just something about it that I really enjoy. Usually I prefer to watch Group sex scenes, or threesomes involving two men and one woman, but I'll give most things ago. I also really enjoy reading erotic fiction, the more hardcore stuff.

So there's my secret.
Female- Australia

My arsehole of an Ex boyfriend asked if i thought his penis was small.....
i said it wasn't....
I lied!!!
(it was Tiny!)
Female- Australia

I want sex with my husband to be kinkier than it currently is.
but don't know how to tell him

Female- Australia

Care to confess your secret?

Love and Smiles


nat said...

Haha! That was so great!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll add mine here... since I was late in emailing...

I had a relationship with a woman for 10 months. It ended almost a year ago. I miss her dearly and still love her. Not only was my husband totally unaware of the relationship, he doesn't know that I prefer women.

Female - US

Anonymous said...

I got stoned for the first time ever and throw up, worse ever experince of my life wish i could take it back!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that first post about preferring women is crazy! My husband prefers men, but I do know about it and am more willing to admit it than he is. We will be happily married for 6 years later this year. I also like to watch. Reading this it sort of sounds made up, but I promise, it is not. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm a bisexual woman, and have been with my boyfriend for 4 years. He hates me being with women and thinks I'd be cheating if I kissed a woman etc.... yet mostly when I go out without him... I end up at least making out with a hot woman... and have erotic dreams about hot sex I want to have with women... I feel guilty and love him to pieces but sometimes, I just crave a woman!!

Anonymous said...

My husband is circumsized and I truly wish he had an intact penis. I miss the pleasure of an intact penis almost everytime we have sex. I would never tell him this, of course :(