Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ode to a Vagina.

I love my Vagina. Its cute and neat and clean-looking but most of all it gave me a outlet to have a healthy baby girl.

I have seen ALOT of vagina in my short time her on earth ,4 years working in various strip clubs helps with that, i have probably seen more vaginas in the flesh than most men! i have also heard them called every name under the sun.....Ginny, muff, pussy, vag-jay-jay and even one girl i knew called hers "china"
Im a straight girl, im not even bi-curious but i can identify a good vagina when i see one.

Now my gripe with vagina's at the moment is that hardly anyone knows what they REALLY look like unless you work in the adult industry or are a gynecologist. Most teenage boys have a unrealistic idea of vaginas as men's magazines only show airbrushed neatened vagina's that show no inner labia or irregularities. This to me isnt right! how come only "innies" are considered aesthetically pleasing?

No wonder there is a cosmetic surgery market making a mint from womens insecurities. vaginaplasty, labidaplasty and re-virgination (hymen repair) is all because we don't ever see real vaginas on real women......not all airbrushed and edited to look the way magazines think we should.

The most amusing product i found was my new pink button which is essentially makeup for your muff! Really who notices that your genitials arent as pink on the inside as they used to be? why are there no products for men to use before a big night on the town "ball sweat be-gone perhaps?

My vagina changed after i had my daughter but i like it the way it is, scars and shaving stubble included. I would post a photo for you all but im not sure if blogger would boot me off so i will leave you with a picture of a disgusting (but kind of funny) tattoo i found.

As long your vagina doesn't look like this i think your fine :)

Love and Smiles


TouchstoneZ said...

What body part is that tatt on? Shoulder?

TouchstoneZ said...

OMG! I wish I'd been able to get a screen shot successfully: My word to verify comments was "pubic." roflmao

Squishy Bum Mum said...

I have no idea where the tat was.....just found it when i was looking for new tattoo idea.
And LOL and your verification code word!