Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Pre-baby Jitters.

My husband and I were only married 9 weeks when we found out we were pregnant, and already 6 weeks along!
We didn't really have that newlywed all about us stage. As soon as I saw that test everything changed dramatically for me at that moment.
I quit smoking IMMEDIATELY, I tied to eat correctly even though at the beginning all I wanted to eat was plain cheese pizza, I didn't drink any alcohol.
All the things an expecting mum usually does.

For my husband things where a bit different.
He's in the Australian Defence force so was still going away with work 3.5 days out of most weeks during the entire pregnancy. So that meant that he was away most weekends, and I was home alone in a city a long way away form my family. I didn't have many friends nearby and all that were nearby didn't have children. I have never felt so alone.
It didn't help that every weekend he was away he was still going out and partying.

I knew he was excited about being a dad, I knew he was supportive and loved me completely and utterly, but i felt neglected and like I was doing this pregnancy on my own.

Because of work my husband was unable to attend any of my anti-natal appointments so he didn't get to hear our daughters heartbeat for the first time with me.
He was able to attend both of the ultrasounds that we had, thank goodness!

I was really concerned that I would be for all purposes a single parent when the baby arrived.
I was jealous that he was still living a single guy life (without other women of course) and I was feeling like a crazy lonely cat lady! (minus the cats)
I was excited about becoming a mum, but grieving the loss of my freedom.

To be honest, I was worried, really worried, could we do this... and could we do it together?

As soon as giggle girl arrived everything fell into place. Hubby stepped up as a husband and father and i cannot fault a single thing he has done since she was born.

She completed us. She makes us giggle. She makes us re-capture our own youth everyday. Not doing the things that many others the same age as us do, drinking and going out. We recapture our own childhoods and youth though doing things WITH her, as a family.
And that's how it will stay, the three of us, doing things together.

As a side note he has decided to get out of defence as he can't stand to miss out on so much of her life with being away for work. Before she was born I'm sure he would be in for life. children change things....but always for the better.

Love and Smile

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Woman Uncensored said...

I know so much how you feel about the way a child can bond you. There's nothing like just kicking back and watching your child be their amazing self, and getting to look in one another's eyes and know that only your spouse can feel those things the same way you do. Some people complain about how kids hurt their marriage, but I say they are just missing out! Kids can add such an amazing element to a relationship if you let them